ABOUT - Our story

MOA.studio is founded by Registered Architect and Director, Matthew Oczkowski, who has over a decade of experience working in the field on various residential and commercial projects. Through his experience, Matthew found a passion for working on residential projects and helping his clients through the process.

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES – Concept to Completion

Based in Melbourne, servicing the suburbs and regional Victoria, we help our clients through the entire design and building process, a process that can be complex and unfamiliar to many. Below is a brief overview of this process and what our services at MOA.studio have to offer.

Why an Architect?

Architects undergo a vigorous process to become who they are; a minimum of 5 years at university followed by necessary on the job experience and a 3-point process of registration through a statutory authority. In Victoria, that authority is the Architects Board of Victoria (ARBV).

This journey leaves architects with a unique skill set to best interpret your ideas and professionally guide them towards a beautiful functioning building.

Want further reading? Download the ARBV’s 'Working with your Architect' brochure (PDF 1mb), it has more information about their role, our obligations as the architect and your role as the client.

What Services do MOA.studio Offer?

As mentioned, we offer a full scope of architectural services. Surprising to many people, architectural services can often begin before you even have a building site…

Pre-Design and Feasibility

If required, MOA.studio can assist with and provide crucial advice on choosing a building site (or advise on the suitably of an existing site) that is fit for your needs. This advice draws from a breadth of accumulated knowledge pertaining to environmental considerations, local town planning and building regulations along with common construction practices / techniques.

Design and Obtaining Approval (Town Planning)

After establishing your brief (budget, needs and hopes for the project), MOA.studio will begin the design process. Initially we will use our extensive knowledge and experience to appropriately respond to your brief in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing outcome. The design process is a back-and-forth dialogue between architect and client where you will be presented with schematic designs, that with progression and development lead to the final design.

A large proportion of projects will require permission from local council, usually referred to as ‘Town Planning Approval’. Obtaining approval requires formally lodging documents and responding to council’s queries in a knowledgeable and timely manner. MOA.studio has extensive knowledge of council regulations and experience across a wide range of councils. Our expertise in handling these matters promotes efficiency in conforming to this process.

Contract Documentation and Design Refinement (Interior Design)

With design approvals granted, its time to prepare the technical documentation for a builder to quote from and use in construction. These construction plans are comprehensive, needing to convey a myriad of essential information. MOA.studio pride ourselves on our ability to produce clear, concise and legible construction plans that make approvals quicker, assist the builder, and avoid confusion on the building site.

The design process isn’t over once the construction plans are produced; MOA.studio will always continue to refine the design as the project increases in detail. During this stage we largely undertake the interior design. A well-designed building will be consistent and complimentary across the exterior and interior. Key elements that enhance consistency include material selection, layout and the use of lighting. With careful consideration, these three elements will express the overarching design concept that was reached in the initial architectural design stages.

Builder Selection & Contract Administration

Once the construction documents are in place, MOA.studio can help in the selection of a builder through a process of tendering or direct negotiation. It is imperative that tenders are not selected on contract price alone. Importantly, consideration must be given to the builder’s experience, their reputation for exceptional quality, and their ability to meet the project schedule.

Now that construction is underway, MOA.studio can act as the go-between you and the builder, liaising in an impartial manner. MOA.studio will assess the progress of the building work and certify payments, assess and approve any variations, administer the rectification of defects and decide when the building is complete for occupancy.

Other Services

We offer an array of additional services such as illustrations and 3D visualizations, architectural photography and an assortment of written reports (i.e., for council applications).

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Have a renovation or building project in mind? Contact us to discuss your ideas, ask questions, obtain a quote and get the process underway.

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